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The Future is Exciting!

We are a fast-growing television team, as well as great
content providers for outdoor adventures.

Our storytelling is unconventional, our methods for getting the best stories are upbeat and informative, while our backgrounds are completely opposite..
Pairing a Harvard graduate who is a researcher in environmental sustainability, and a NH hunter and blue-collar comedian, writer and producer we create a unique think tank in how we approach our mission in doing good in the world.
We share the same goal: to leave the world a better place. We have teamed with innovative thinkers and talent who share our vision of a better tomorrow with messages of stewardship and mentorship. Through this remarkable collaboration, we bring to light the work and passion of those individuals determined to make a better future for our children.
                           These are just some of our partners:

                                 NASCAR                                           NHRA
                                  US Army                                            F-1
                                    NOAA                                            Manomet

                        CBS Boston                                              Dartmouth          
            New England Aquarium                           Red Bull Media
                         iHeart Media                                         UNH
                  Woods Hole Institute                          Abenaki Nation
                    North Woods Law                          NH Fish and Game
                       Lake Placid  OC                    International Children's Games
                        Animal Planet                        League Of NH Craftsmen      
                                GoPro                                            Sony
                        Next Step Bionics                                    Dji

We Love Wicked Yankee TV!!

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So you think doing a TV show is easy?


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Entertaining Weekly Television that is Broadcast into MA,NH, VT, NY, and Quebec

Tara Hughes Duffy  &  Bucky Lewis


We are FUN Television producers who travel the Northeast in search of GREAT stories.

  Living in New England we treasure the  heritage and the Yankee ingenuity   of the people that live here. 
  Our goal is to share their stories of courage, fun, adventure, and   compassion, in a manner that engages the audiences, and sends a message that New England is a wonderful place to live. 


After a successful First Season  being broadcast weekly in three states as well as Quebec Canada on the Gray Network, we were lucky enough to be picked up by CBS Boston for our exciting Second Season this fall 2022.

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