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Wicked Yankee TV's Mission Statement

Wicked Yankee Adventures

Our mission is to bring to light the great work of Adventurers, Explorers, Outdoorsmen/Women, Visionaries, highlighting Heroes in the field of Exploration, with the purpose to inspire our next Generation








About Tara & Bucky

Tara Hughes Duffy

CEO & Executive Producer

Bucky Lewis

Executive Producer
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A  graduate from Harvard, Tara's real passion and joy is bringing out the best in people. Her true skill is getting the essence of great stories that otherwise might never have been told. Her upbeat nature leads to astonishing discoveries.
    With a degree in Environmental & Ecosystems Management, she, like her partner Bucky, has a passion for the stewardship of this land as well as its culture.
Tara has a  talent for bringing the best out of people and is an engaging and intelligent interviewer.
    “My core belief is that good begets good. I truly feel that is what we are doing with our television show,because everyone has a compelling story that inspires others"

Tara says.
Having spent most of her childhood moving to new places, and loving nature, she learned to embrace adventures and the hope and courage and character that individuals can bring.

"Wicked Yankee TV gives us all a chance to dream. "I love this country, and the people who live here. We are resilient. We try, we fail, we try again, Making this country better for the next generation.
   Tara and her husband Bob together have 3 kids and live in Wayland Mass. 

Bucky Lewis is a third generation New Hampshire native that is passionate about the social and cultural enrichment of others.
As a producer, writer and Host, he created a top Nielsen rated TV show.
With over 40 years of experience in the entertainment business, he has an innate understanding of the dynamics of what people want.  
He is an author and has Hollywood films to his credit.  He uses humor, music and storytelling to engage audiences of all ages.

He is a classically trained musician from Berklee, a world-ranked freestyle skier,  FAA licensed both private pilot as well as drone pilot, and one of the top fund raising entertainers in New England.
Twice an EMT, he truly understands the need to not just to heal the body physically but to heal the body spiritually.

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